Sonntag, 8. September 2019

Follow the words to their roots

An in-depth look at the exact meaning of the word biotensegrity and the roots of its components:

We constantly use words that can be derived from other languages without getting to the bottom of their deeper meaning. The use of these words divides society into three classes: Those who have no idea what is at stake and leave the discussions early, although they could very well contribute something essential. Those who think they know what it is about and are confusing the former and driving the latter into despair. And finally those who have fathomed the meaning in terms of language and content and integrated it into their knowledge and experience.

Joanne Avison is very much concerned with the purposeful and accurate use of language in English, and her comments on the translation of my book into English have encouraged me to look more closely into this area. Therefore, I'll have a look at "biotensegrity" and also deconstruct "biomechanics" as the mode of action of living bodies in order to be able to give both concepts their due place.

"Biotensegrity" is composed of two word building blocks of Greek and Latin origin to describe the structure inherent in all living beings. Before biotensegrity becomes a bubble of meaning that can be filled at will, we take a close look at the components: