Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2020

Biotensegrity and tension

A living body is a biotensegrity and thus a unit formed from tensile and compressive forces. Anyone who has already had one or the other tensegrity model in his or her hands knows that there can be great differences in the materials and the preload.

This is where the tedious discussion about tension/stress usually comes up, whereby this term is strongly polarizing and has either a positive or negative connotation. Looking at it value-free, one can say that relaxation has its place in recovery phases and (pre)tension in physical activity.

The system as a whole always maintains a certain basic tension, but a constant tension is a waste of energy, emotionally and physically stressful, and in the sense of healthy movement rarely leads to desirable results.

When I perceive my body in motion, especially in demanding movements in which my orientation towards the floor or the orientation of the floor towards me is constantly changing, I won't get far with one "correctly" adjusted pretension.

In my opinion, what is primarily important when experiencing one's own biotensegrity is to develop a feeling for the changeability of the pre-tension. The body can and must interact with many different influences simultaneously.

The more helpful coordination possibilities in the fascial body are already explored, the easier it is to find physical answers to life's questions.

The body can act in different parts very differently at the same time. In martial arts you can dodge and attack around the attacked body parts in no time.

When cycling on uneven, slippery ground, the body interacts with the ground through the bicycle, the bicycle is the extension of the own body.

An activated and versatile trained biotensegrity is controlled by algorithms (rules of behaviour, clear and unambiguous rules of action that determine the way an organism solves a problem), which are partly genetically determined and for the most part worked out in the school of life. Beliefs (Oh my god, I'm falling) are a kind of negative algorithms that hot-wire the body and even have a remote effect (watch out, you're about to fall).

I hope that this post helps to open up the world of experience and encourages you to look at your own body and its interactions with the world in a new way.

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