Gebrauchshaltungskonferenz - Purposeful Posture Conference

Here are three different translations of "Gebrauchshaltungskonferenz":
- Purposeful Posture Conference
- Purposeful Carriage Conference
- Carrying with purpose: The ridden horse in motion

In "The useful horse and its training" Hans von Heydebreck writes that he considers it a grave mistake to think that dressage training and the resulting dressage carriage of the horse is a prerequisite for a good useful posture or wanting to develop the latter from the former. "It should be exactly the other way around."
"Horses can only fulfill the first requirement, the full development of their power, if they are able to use their limbs freely and are not hindered by an enforced carriage and the burden of the rider."
Since today we are increasingly dealing with weak, physically and psychologically unstable horses, we asked ourselves what exactly characterizes a purposeful posture or carriage from the horse’s point of view: What does a horse look like ...that uses its body the best possible way in order to do its job
And that is where the rather unwieldy title of Gebrauchshaltungskonferenz arose. In several meetings and many e-mails we, therapists, trainers and hoof practitioners discussed the multilayered implications of 1) the acceptance of the explanatory model of biotensegrity, 2) the verification of the lumbar-sacral-transition thesis and 3) the exact observation of phases of movement and directions of force in the horse. On the way we exchanged experiences and insights and agreed on definitions of terms in an effort to get everyone on the same page.
Since we have a native English speaker with Lesley Osborne, we would also like to invite English speaking participants to our conference.

10.-11.November 2018, Stiftsgut Keysermühle in 76889 Klingenmünster. Two conference days 120 € / person (including coffee, tea, snacks and lunch), Saturday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sunday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. In the Stiftsgut there are a limited number of rooms available as well as a restaurant with regional products and selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Registration via Christof Roerig-Weisbrod,

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